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A robot bus gave people reasons to smile in Hervanta, Tampere

Remoted’s six-seat robot bus operated feeder traffic from the residential area of Lintuhytti, Tampere, to the Hervantajärvi tramway stop, located slightly over a kilometre away.

A residential area popular with families


In Lintuhytti, a district with one thousand residents, a robot bus carried passengers between the residential area and the new tramway line. The distance was about one kilometre. The aim was to improve the accessibility of public transport in this residential area popular with families with children.


The robot bus ran from Lintuhytti to the Hervantajärvi tramway stop twice an hour. Similarly, once a tram arrived from Tampere, the robot bus carried passengers to Lintuhytti three times an hour. This offered the residents of Lintuhytti a convenient way to travel to the centre of Tampere and back.


A diverse group of passengers


The average age of the robot bus passengers was 20–30 years. In the morning, from 7 to 9 a.m., the bus took children to school and brought them back in the afternoon. Many of the children went to the international school in Tampere. In the daytime, mothers with prams were the most common customer group. There is also a sheltered home for autistic people near the Lintuhytti terminus, and some of its residents took the bus alone, some with an assistant. Many of them also went to the local grocery shop on the robot bus. In the summer, there were lots of tourists on board, many of whom had come specifically to experience the robot bus.

The robot bus carried passengers from the Lintuhytti residential area to the Hervantajärvi tramway stop twice an hour. The robot bus ran three times an hour in the opposite direction.


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